Consulting in healthcare - doesn ́t really sound like rock n ́roll. But we think innovation doesn ́t necessarily come along in form of snobby suits.

We are from Hamburg and are proud of our hanseatic heritage and its virtues, without coming across like moneybags.

We have a heart for underdogs and lateral thinkers. We believe that every brilliant idea and every good concept deserves the chance of realization.

We treat all our customers projects as if they were our own. We are thinking, planning, organizing and realizing all your undertakings together with you. We help with the right staff or the right location, search for a suitable investor or find the type of financing that best fits your project. We develop a common strategy for your sales or marketing, organize your events and not least we share with you our many years ́ experience and our far-reaching network.

Pauli: celebrate what you do!
Health: think health innovative!
People: be human!