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Moin! we appreciate here in Hamburg. Welcome to Pauli Health People. There is a saying here in this town: “stop babbling – just do it!”. Due to this slogan we also created our website by writing down all the things we deal with. Having said this, nothing can replace the personal address or preference. That is precisely why we are looking forward to meeting you personally as soon as possible


You are looking for an investor? You want to sell a hospital or a practice? You need help with a product launch? You have questions about process optimization or organizational structures?
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Commercial agency

You have a good product in the field of medical engineering, healthcare, hygiene or wound management? You already spent a lot of time and money on development but now you perceive you need help in sales? Your products have already become established in the domestic market but now you want to expand in other parts of the world? You are looking for products from other countries?

„In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind“

We are living in a time of radical changes. Medical Progress, digitization, demographic change as well as new living and working models alter our society. Therefore, also our healthcare systems are forced to prove their adaptabilities. We prepare both companies and institutions to cope with these changes.
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